Detection devices

    AvT has developed the RT-PDS™  An instrument capable of simultaneous detection of up to four different types of aeropathogens.

    The solution



    AvT has developed and commercializes a variety of synthetic antibodies to neutralize:

    • various strains of PRRSv-type 1
    • various strains of PRRSv-type 2
    • several strains of My-Hyopneumoniae
    • various strains of sH3N2

    Neutralization takes place via nebulization using a novel nebulizer Nebul ™

    Aerovirus Technolgies owns the following International and Canadian patent applications

    PCT/CA016/051328 ( CA 2,898,714) (instrument RT-PDS)
    PCT/CA2016/051411 (CA 2,914,337) (aptamers for PRRSv)
    PCT/CA2017/051021 (CA, 2,040,637) (aptamers for Myo-Hyopneumoniae)