Added values to producers

    • early detection of viruses before any clincial signs of diseases
    • 24 hrs/day monitoring of air quality in barns and nurseries
    • instantenous response to the most damaging infectious agents
    • Prevent the further spread of infection from viruses entering the ventilation system
    • Reactive control of ventilation system
    • Stop the spread of diseases

    Added values to veterinarians

    • Continuous surveillance of several barns at any given time without the need for immediate visit to the site
    • Immediate identification of the infectious agents (viral or bacterial agents)
    • Immediate feedback (internet or cell phone)
    • Easier planification of on-site visit (focus on sites having triggered the detection system)
    • Adjustable alarm level to account for the varying virulence of various strains.
    • Continous on-line Internet connectivity to the AvT detector
    • Immediate detector feedback via on-line Internet link to all field detectors

    Added values to animal health control agencies

    • More efficient and reliable tracking of infected (or potentially infected) herds over large area
    • On-line statistical data about the state-of-health of barns in a given area
    • Simultaneous tracking of various types of aeropathogens (SIV, PRRSv, Myco-Hyopneumoniae)
    • Data can be combined with atmospheric data to provide regional tracking and forecast of the spread of infectious diseases
    Confidentiality precluded mapping the actual location of herds/farms in the surveyed area